Spay Panama Clinic

Box 0818-00423 Bethania
Panama City, Republic of Panama

PA  507-261-5542         OR       PA  507-6671-0246

Open Clinic Days:  Wednesday & Saturday

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This program targets animals of low income families, rescuers and feeders.  In Spay/Panama we practice the Quick Spay Method — this means, high-volume-high-quality-low-cost-spay/neuter.  For a minimum contribution, it covers part of the cost of the sterilization and all the additional services provided (vaccine, deworming, clearning of ears, spray for fleas and ticks, injection of vitamins, trimming toe nails, diagnosing other problems).  Your additional donation will allow Spay/Panama to continue with this program and reach more animals.   God bless you if you can give a little bit more.

-Dog Spay/Neuter (includes Rabies Vaccination)*     
-Cat  Spay/Neuter **        

In accordance with established protocols of international organizations:

*All DOGS get one ear tattooed
**All CATS get one ear notched

Further questions or inquiries,
email me