The Spay Panama Student Veterinarian Program
1.)  What kind of duties will the students be allowed to perform based on year/experience?

Cleaning cages 
Cleaning instruments 
Preping animals for surgery 
Tattooing dogs 
Post operation care 
Nipping one ear of cats 
Assisting veterinarians 
Placing catheters 
Helping to pack for blitz 
3.)  Will student vets be allowed to perform or assist on surgeries in the clinic?

Students will have hands-on experience with the supervision of a licensed veterinarian.  Only at the  Panama City’s clinic.
4.)  If the operations are mostly only done Wednesdays and Saturdays at the Spay Panama Clinic, what sort of work will volunteers would be doing the rest of the days?

We have a schedule to include sightseeing and will be doing shelter animals for you to have ‘hands-on’ experience under the supervision of a licensed vet.  We will also do an offsite blitz or sterilization campaign in a poor area of Panama.

Please consider coming to Panama to volunteer and help make a difference in Panama's animal welfare.  Spay Panama's Animals Yes, USA and Spay Panama offer vet students the opportunity for hands-on experience and veterinarians to come share their knowledge while enjoying another culture.  The veterinarians in the Spay Panama program practice the Quick Spay Method (small incision, early sterilization and use of stainless steel suture)

Not only will you be having an educational, motavational experience, but you will also get to enjoy a beautiful country, Panama.  
9.)  How much does this program cost, and what does the trip include while I am in Panama?

If you volunteer with Spay Panama, no cash fee is required and we will provide airport transportation, all meals, lodging, laundry, some sightseeing including dinner at Miraflores, Panama Canal,  Walking Tour of Panama Viejo, Casco Viejo and the Causeway, Amador. You will experience all of this in exchange for surgical supplies worth approximately $400 from for sutures, or other supplies, that are not readily found in Panama, orders from should be made through Dr. Dawn Straily at,, to get the discounted Spay Panama prices.) DONATION IS PER VET STUDENT,  

10.)  What is the list of surgical/medical supplies, worth $400, that vet students need to donate from ** 

2       Stainless Steel cassete suture  3-0

2       Stainless Steel cassette suture 4-0

3       Nylon cassette suture 1

4       PDO monofilament absorbable cassette 2-0


11.)  How do I take the medical supplies to Panama?

The medical supplies can be taken in your checked-in luggage to Panama.
Casco Viejo
Panama Viejo
Miraflores Locks, Panama Canal
Miraflores, Panama Canal
Dinner at Mirafliores.
Future veterinarians learning with hands-on experience.
Student vet assisting a licensed veterinarian.
You gain the knowledge and training, while animals in need receive care, here in Panama.
UVIT students donating $25 towards the Embera-Puru Children's Educational Fund.
Dr.Jeff Young showing an early sterilization technique.
Dr.Agusto preparing the Spay Panama Clinic for surgery.
2.)  Where do Spay Panama Blitz set up and what is the environment?

Once packed, we are a mobile clinic.  We set up through out many places in Panama that these companion animals otherwise would never have seen the care of a veterinarian.  From school classrooms, recreational rooms, to volunteer houses, and outdoors in all the elements.  Many occasions, you will get to experience a M.A.S.H style environment, rather than a regular clinic.  Making the most of what we have prepared for at the moment.   

Volunteer Application 
Form 2023

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5.)  Is there any post-operative follow-up for the animals that have been spayed or neutered?  

We work with the feeders/rescuers and low-income families.  All animals go back with them.  We give them our cellphone number for any questions or concerns, so that they only have to make a call, let it ring once and hang up.  We call back immediately so they don’t have the expense of the phone call.
6.)  Are the Spay Panama veterinarians bilingual, spanish and english?

Languages spoken are Spanish, English, and French.
7.)  What days should I arrive for The Spay Panama Student Volunteer Program?  

Whatever date, however arrival should be on a Tuesday and departure the next Tuesday.  The volunteer period is Tuesday-Tuesday, one week.

8.)  Who pays for my flight to and from Panama?

The airfare is paid for by the volunteer student.  We provide to/from airport transportation in Panama, lodging, all meals, laundry service, and some sightseeing in exchange of a donation of surgical supplies worth approximately $400 from (orders from should be made through Kris Sabatini at,, to get the discounted Spay Panama prices)
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