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Please help and make your tax-deductible gift to SPAYES to support our animal education, welfare and sterilization campaigns.  Thank you for caring about Panama's animals! 

Spay Panama's Animals Yes, USA is an all volunteer, non-profit, 501(c)3 organization.  TAX ID: 20-8764359
The story of how Spay Panama’s Animals Yes, USA was founded is something similar to the age-old question of what came first, the chicken or the egg?    Spay Panama was started in the Republic of Panama in 2001.  For years, a small group of volunteers and vets worked together to make a difference and improve the welfare of the less fortunate animals.  The more animals were sterilized, the more animals Pat, founder of Spay Panama, saw that needed to be done; and they were criticized by the Panamanain vet community.  In Pat's words,"It was like swimming against a strong current."  On the other side was Dr. Isis Johnson-Brown, who after having a successful career as a medical tech, saw the need of the less fortunate animals and went back to vet school and focused on the solution of the root of the homeless animals problem:  Spay/neuter services should be within reach - geographically and financially - for everyone who has a cat or dog.

The Spay Panama group was ready to give up, there was not enough time or resources; they were good in trapping cats but kept the female cats for 5 days before being released; this put a tremendous burden on the group as they were all working individuals.  Not much could be done for the female dogs because Spay Panama did not have the facility to keep them for so many days.  Someone had made a light comment that there was an experienced, and knowledgable vet in Mississippi that had a method where sterilized animals could be released the same day.  It took some convincing for Dr. Isis Johnson-Brown to accept to come to Panama to train Spay Panama.  In 2006 she came, saw, understood; this was the beginning of a long and dear symbiotic relationship.  She became a mentor, friend, crying shoulder, and protector.

Spay Panama is under the umbrella of Spay Panama’s Animals Yes, USA.  Spay Panama understand's why she went to vet school to make a difference.  She understands what Spay Panama is trying to do.  Spay Panama’s Animals Yes, USA is her legacy to make this a better world for all.   

Today, the volunteer work with Spay Panama are, hard long hours, but the less fortunate animals benefit greatly.  Hopefully, one day, Panama is a, "NO MORE HOMELESS PETS" country and sets a good example for the rest of the world that sterilization is the answer!

Please help us continue this important campaign, by donating medical/surgical supplies, monetarily, or volunteering precious time.  

The Beginning of Our Mission....................
Dr.Isis Johnson-Brown educating the young children of  San Blas.  By teaching them animal welfare from a young age, SPAYes and Spay Panama hopes to put a stop to the misery of unwanted companion animals in Panama.
Dr.Isis Johnson-Brown performing spay/neuters on the islands of San Blas, Panama.
It was VERY HOT that day, but Dr.Isis Johnson-Brown's devotion is deep.  Pictured here at a Spay Panama Blitz.
Dr.Isis Johnson-Brown sharing her technique of the "Quick Spay" to some of the Spay Panama volunteer Veterinarians.
"Quick Spay" Technique, animals can be released the same day of the sterilization.
"Quick Spay" Technique
Dr. Letty shows Dr. Isis her technique to neuter dogs.
"Quick Spay" Technique
Spay Panama Blitz, Santiago, Veraguas, Panama 2008
Dr. Augusto shares the latest on drug protocol for cats and dogs.
Dr.Isis Johnson-Brown enjoying new cultures with the Embera Indian Village.  The indian woman is drawing temporary tribal tattoos.
Visiting 2 of over 1000 animals that Spay Panama fixed in the Casco Viejo area.
Is she dancing?  Look's like fun Dr.Isis....
Dr.Isis johnson-Brown, Pat Chan (director, and founder of Spay Panama), and Piera LoMedico (SPAYes volunteer) receiving a check from a Savannah, Georgia USA fundraiser.
Thank you Dr.Isis Johnson-Brown, President of Spay Panama's Animals Yes, for all of your dedication and expertise you have provided to both Spay Panama's Animals Yes, USA and Spay Panama.
Thank you Pat Chan, Vice-President of Spay Panama's Animals Yes, USA, for invisioning and starting an Animal Welfare group in Panama to help the sick and  unwanted dogs and cats.
Piera LoMedico,
Secretary to the Board of Spay Panama's Animals Yes, USA
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Spay Panama Sterilization Statistics as of July 2024: 

Over 350,474 Dogs and Cats