"My Town" Reserved Donations for Off-Site Blitzes
As a registered non-profit organization, Spay Panama relies much on the donations of good-hearted people like you.  Our goal is to reach as many companion animals throughout Panama as possible.  Everyday, we receive several requests from concerned animal lovers to please come to, "My Town."   This is a special list for those people who would like to reserve a donation for an off-site blitz for a special town.  It's easy, just click, and donate, and your donation will be reserved for a future blitz.
"Herrera & Los Santos Blitz"

"Mariato Blitz"
Volunteers Needed
Spay Panama's Animals Yes, USA and Spay Panama offer vet students the opportunity for hands-on experience and veterinarians to come share their knowledge while enjoying another culture and making a difference for the less fortunate dogs and cats in Panama.

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Spay Panama's
Animals Yes, USA
TAX ID#  20-8764359
Please help and make your tax-deductible gift to SPAYES to support our animal education, welfare and sterilization campaigns.  Thank you for caring about Panama's animals! 

SPAYes News
Spay Panama's Animals Yes, USA is an all volunteer, non-profit, 501(c)3 organization.  TAX ID:  20-8764359
Every month the Spay Panama Clinic in Panama City, Panama has Sterilization Operations every Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays
8/5 Special Case-Rescued Animals, 8/16 Massive Spay Event with the Mayor's Office in 24 de Diciembre (GOAL: 300 animals), 8/21-22 Special Case-Rescued Animals
TBA- Massive Spay Event in Santa Ana and Arraijan

TBA-  Massive Spay event in 24 de Diciembre, 10/1-6 World Animals Day Spay Event in Peninsula de Azuero (GOAL:  1,300 animals in 60 hours)

TBA-  Massive Spay Event in Santa Ana
TBA-  Massive Spay Event in Las Cumbres
2014 Calendar
Spay Panama Sterilization Statistics as of August 2014: 
74,160 Dogs and Cats
To view donations or medical/supply purchases, please click the below button.  Thank you for your contribution!
Spay Panama-Chiriqui
Chiriqui Chapter of Spay Panama
Here in the highlands of Panamá, in March of 2006 Dorothy Atwater and a few helpful volunteers began a mission to end the suffering of dogs and cats - often homeless, starving, and diseased - and to help educate people that their pets have feelings and need love, proper food, shelter, and water. We primarily provide low-cost spaying and neutering to the less advantaged Panamanians. We ask $25 per dog and $15 per cat (which is my actual cost) but no one is turned away for inability to pay.  For more information, articles, and pictures on the Chiriqui Chapter Spay/Neuter Campaign, please visit, www.spaypanama-chiriqui.org.  
If you would like to make a monetary donation specifically for Spay Panama-Chiriqui, please click this Paypal.
Dorothy Atwater and Dr.Tello during a Sterilization Blitz.
Spay Panama Clinic Protocal Guidelines, Clinic Hours, Location, Information Page, click here.
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Spay Panama Annual Report 2013
We would like to thank our volunteers, associates and donors; they are our cornerstones and without their help, we could not have sterilized 15,137 animals this year.  

A common misconception is that people who are poor don’t care about dogs and cats, and that until their basic needs are met, we shouldn’t expect them to.  But as a witness to our offsite spay events; the thing that struck us was the lines at these clinics. You’re in a school or community center, and all these people are lined up with their pets; you would be amazed, and so many children carrying their pets with love and care. They want their animals sterilized. 

It is impossible for any household to keep all the unwanted litters, so doing away with the puppies and kittens become a way of life.   Pet overpopulation promotes cruelty to animals and this has a direct correlation with domestic violence and child maltreatment.

Thank you all for letting Spay/Panama reach so many animals and to spread the word that STERILIZATION is the only effective method to put a stop to the misery and unnecessary death of homeless animals.    On behalf of Spay/Panama’s Board of Directors and every animal and person whose lives are better today, I thank you. 

Patricia Chan, Director of Spay Panama

Dr. Isis Johnson-Brown, Director of Spay Panama's Animals Yes, USA
To view the full 2013 report, please click the above picture.